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    Cory R. Cole was employed by a financial institution while pursuing his business administration degree at Rutgers University. Cory R. Cole continues to play soccer while being a full-time college student. Cory Cole, a New Jersey native who engages in a variety of physical activities on a daily basis, has just joined Brielle as a new resident.


    A vacation to Cape May, New Jersey, is a must-do for Cory Cole every summer.

    Cory R. Cole enjoys surfing, skiing, and SCUBA diving, among other activities. Diving and snorkeling are two of my favorite activities.


    Cory R. Cole enjoys restoring antique automobiles and building homes for people as a hobby. His leisure time is occupied by a diverse range of hobbies and activities. For more than a decade, Cory R. Cole has been renovating ancient and deteriorating structures.

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    March 14, 2022
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